Dental and Medical Problems

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Dental and Medical Problems

2015, vol. 52, nr 2, April-June, p. 235–240

Publication type: clinical case

Language: English

Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 3.0 Open Access

Odontogenic Inflammation Complicated by an Abscess of the Brain – Case Report

Zapalenie zębopochodne powikłane ropniem mózgu – opis przypadku

Yevhen Viktorovich Kuzenko1,A,C,D, Anatoly Mykolayovych Romaniuk1,F

1 Department of Pathology, Medical Institute of Sumy State University, Sumy, Ukraine


We describe a case of brain abscess due to odontogenic infection. In this report, a 73-year-old female patient was admitted to the maxillofacial department with an odontogenic abscess of the chin area complicated by immunosuppression. In the year 2014, the patient had been treated 3 times. Even after several routine tests, we still could not treat the abscess. However, after an immunogram, immunosuppression was found. Life support and treatment was not successful and she died. Oral pathogens from an odontogenic infection could enter the brain via either a hematological link. Cerebral abscesses are frequently polymicrobial. All available literature is in the form of small case studies. Cerebral abscess linked to odontogenic infection is a rare occurrence since in most individuals the blood-brain barrier along with the immune response will keep bacteria out. Odontogenic infections in the pathogenesis of a cerebral abscess are as a result of immunosuppression and somatic pathology. Management of these life-threatening infections depends on the location and the dimensions of the lesion, as well as on the level of medical alertness.

Key words

immunosuppression, abscess of the brain, odontogenic inflammation

Słowa kluczowe

immunosupresja, ropień mózgu, zapalenie zębopochodne

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