Dental and Medical Problems

Dent. Med. Probl.
Index Copernicus (ICV 2019) – 118.76
MNiSW – 20
CiteScore (2020) – 1.2
Average rejection rate (2020) – 88.71%
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Periodicity – quarterly

Editorial policies

This is an open access quarterly journal.

Original papers and reviews should be submitted electronically via the journal's Editorial System. Author(s) declare that the manuscript has not been published elsewhere or is not being considered for publication elsewhere. By submitting your manuscript to this journal you accept that your manuscript may be screened for plagiarism. All the detected cases of scientific misconduct will be exposed, including notification of relevant institutions.  Editors initially verify the manuscript and decide to review it, send it back for adjustment, or reject it. The Editors send the anonymous version of the manuscript to two (2) or more expert reviewers in the field. After receiving reviews, the Editors decide to accept the manuscript, send it back to the Author(s) for corrections, or to reject it. The Author(s) receive the anonymous version of the review. When a manuscript is returned to the corresponding author for revision, it should be returned to the Editorial Office within 14 days; otherwise it may be considered withdrawn. The editors send the final version of the manuscript for verification by a web-based plagiarism program.

The manuscript is initially accepted for publication and the corresponding Author receives an email with a link to the License Agreement Creative Commons. Attribution 3.0 Poland (CC BY 3.0 PL). Each Author is required to fill it in, scan and the corresponding Author shall upload the scanned Agreements to the Editorial System. Then, each Author sends to Poland the original copies of the Agreement. The manuscript will not be published unless we receive the printed version of the License Agreement from all Authors.

Our journal allows the author(s) to hold the copyright without restrictions. Authors have the right to withdraw the manuscript at any time prior to its publication. 

A native speaker copy-edits the manuscript. The Author(s) receive the manuscript for the galley proof, which should be sent back to the Editorial Office within 3 working days; otherwise the publication may be withdrawn or published without the Author's corrections. Any alterations in galley proofs, other than the correction of printer’s errors, are made on the author’s responsibility. The Author(s) may not make any changes to the galley proof that exceed 3% of the manuscript's volume, unless these changes have been consulted with the Publisher. Changes that involve, among others, adding new paragraphs to the text or replacing them with new paragraphs of the existing text shall be acceptable only after the Publisher's consent, provided that these changes do not significantly increase the cost of editing and typesetting, and do not jeopardize the release date of the manuscript. The manuscript is published. The full version of the manuscript is available on the journal's website. DOI (digital object identifier) is assigned to the manuscript.