Dental and Medical Problems

Dent Med Probl
Index Copernicus (ICV 2021) – 132.50
MEiN – 70 pts
CiteScore (2021) – 2.0
JCI (2021) – 0.5
Average rejection rate (2022) – 79.69%
ISSN 1644-387X (print)
ISSN 2300-9020 (online)
Periodicity – quarterly

About journal

The journal Dental and Medical Problems was founded in 1960 from the initiative of Prof. Tadeusz Owiński; it was originally called Wrocławski Biuletyn Stomatologiczny. In 1965, the journal was renamed as Wrocławska Stomatologia, and then the name was changed to Dental and Medical Problems in 2002.

Dental and Medical Problems is an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal covering all aspects of oral sciences and related fields of general medicine, published quarterly by Wroclaw Medical University. Journal accepts only original papers and all kinds of reviews (narrative review, systematic review, systematic review and meta-analysis, etc.).

Czasopismo Dental and Medical Problems korzysta ze wsparcia finansowego ze środków Ministerstwa Edukacji i Nauki w ramach programu „Rozwój czasopism naukowych na podstawie umowy nr RCN/SP/0493/2021.

Dental and Medical Problems has received financial support from the resources of Ministry of Science and Higher Education within the “Social Responsibility of Science – Support for Academic Publishing” project based on agreement No. RCN/SP/0493/2021.