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Dental and Medical Problems

2018, vol. 55, nr 3, July-September, p. 333–342

doi: 10.17219/dmp/94890

Publication type: review article

Language: English

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Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 3.0 Open Access

Local drug delivery in periodontitis treatment: A review of contemporary literature

Miejscowe dokieszonkowe podawanie leków w zapaleniu przyzębia – przegląd współczesnego piśmiennictwa

Małgorzata Szulc1,A,D, Aneta Zakrzewska1,B,D, Jacek Zborowski1,B,D

1 Department of Periodontology, Wroclaw Medical University, Poland


Traditional methods of non-surgical treatment of periodontitis, including mechanical scaling/root planing (SRP), do not guarantee remission of the disease. Local delivery of antimicrobial agents in periodontitis entails antimicrobial therapy placed directly in periodontal pockets. The advantage of this form of treatment is that the concentration of the drug after application significantly exceeds the minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) and persists for up to several weeks. Therefore, many systems of locally applied devices, using a variety of antibiotics or antiseptics have been developed. There is continuous research aimed at introducing new forms of locally administered drugs, some of which have not proved to be effective, while others are promising. For almost 30 years such systems have been used for treatment as an adjuvant to SRP, and their efficacy has been evaluated. The aim of this article is to systematically review the contemporary literature regarding the currently available chemotherapeutics locally administered in the treatment of periodontitis.

Key words

periodontitis, local drug delivery, chlorhexidine chip

Słowa kluczowe

zapalenie przyzębia, miejscowe dokieszonkowe podawanie leków, listek chlorheksydynowy

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