Dental and Medical Problems

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Dental and Medical Problems

2018, vol. 55, nr 2, April-June, p. 191–195

doi: 10.17219/dmp/86358

Publication type: original article

Language: English

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Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 3.0 Open Access

The effect of social determinants on oral health knowledge and patient’s bill of rights

Wpływ determinant socjalnych na wiedzę dotyczącą zdrowia jamy ustnej oraz uprawnienia pacjenta

Masoud Eisa Khajelou1,B,D, Vahideh Zarea Gavgani1,A,E,F, Mohammad Asghari Jafarabadi2,C

1 Department of Medical Library and Information Science, Faculty of Management and Medical Informatics, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, Iran

2 Department of Statistics and Epidemiology, Faculty of Health, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, Iran

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