Dental and Medical Problems

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Dental and Medical Problems

2015, vol. 52, nr 1, January-March, p. 112–116

Publication type: clinical case

Language: English

Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 3.0 Open Access

Gingival Enlargement as a Diagnostic Indicator in Systemic Diseases – Two Case Reports

Przerost dziąseł jako objaw diagnostyczny chorób układowych – opis dwóch przypadków

Suwarna Dangore-Khasbage1,A,D, Rahul Bhowate1,B,F, Shirish Degwekar1,C,E

1 Oral Medicine and Radiology, Datta Meghe Institute of Medical Sciences, India


Gingival enlargement is quite a common oral manifestation and is caused by a variety of etiological factors. Though the most common reason for gingival enlargement is the presence of local irritants, in some cases it could be a finding enlightening us that something is wrong with the general health of the patient. It is an indication to proceed with immediate investigation, as gingival enlargement in such patients could be an early manifestation of a life threatening disorder. In these kinds of patients, dental therapy done without systemic evaluation could be dangerous or even fatal. Here we describe two cases reported to an oral diagnostician with a complaint of gingival enlargement and bleeding gums of a short duration. A detailed history, increased suspicion of systemic conditions which are known to cause gingival enlargement and appropriate investigations led to diagnosis of their major systemic disease. This article stresses the role of gingival enlargement as a diagnostic indicator in major systemic illness as well as awareness of the oral diagnostician in similar diseases.

Key words

gingival enlargement, systemic diseases, oral manifestations

Słowa kluczowe

przerost dziąsła, choroby układowe, objawy w jamie ustnej

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